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Your Shoreditch: Resources

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There are a number of resources that provide support for individuals living and working in Shoreditch. These resources range from community associations that advocate for a stronger and more vibrant community to online magazines with important information on trends, events and other news from the community. The following provides an overview of some of the resources available within the Shoreditch community.

Shoreditch Community Association

The Shoreditch Community Association (SCA) promotes the interests of residents who live in the area, as well as workers employed in Shoreditch. The goal of the association is to promote the sustainable and responsible growth of Shoreditch, while maintaining the community's distinct culture. The group works with local and government authorities and organisations to maintain Shoreditch as a vibrant community for residents and workers in the area. It is made up of primarily local businesses, individuals and families. As an advocate, the Shoreditch Community Association promotes the rights of residents as well as the need to maintain and improve the community's amenities and services. The association

Shoreditch Trust

Shoreditch Trust works to reduce social and economic gaps within Hackney. The charity achieves this by supporting and empowering people to gain knowledge, skills and opportunities through a range of programmes related to cultural engagement, community planning, consultation, partnerships, access to food and health living supports, mentoring, skills training, and tailored supports. Shoreditch Trust works to ensure people in deprived neighbourhoods have the access to services and support, participate in the workforce and society, gain confidence and achieve greater independents, and live healthier and more fulfilling lives. The charity works with individuals who are having difficult transitions or struggling within community, cultural or peer pressure. It also works with people who lack skills or knowledge as well as access to employment and training. Shoreditch Trust also works with those living in poverty and experiencing social and economic exclusion and isolation.

Project Shoreditch

Project Shoreditch is a community investment partnership initiative involving UBS, Linklaters LLP and the East London Business Association (ELBA). The initiative has also seen the participation of a number of businesses based in the City and Canary Wharf, who are working together to contribute to close socio-economic gaps in Shoreditch and Hackney. Founded in 2005, the project's partner companies provide their resources and skills to help increase regeneration in the area. The objectives of the project include supporting enterprise and entrepreneurship within the area's organisations and charities in order to create local economic growth, job creation and a thriving community. It also aims to strengthen the community and voluntary sector as well as improve the employability skills of some of the area's most disadvantaged people.

Tech City UK

Launched in 2010, Tech City UK supports East London's tech cluster that is anchored in Shoreditch. Although the organisation has grown to support programmes that accelerate digital businesses across the UK, it remains an important resource for businesses in Shoreditch. Tech City UK delivers a variety of programmes for entrepreneurs and digital businesses in every stage of their lifecycle, including the Tech City UK Cluster Alliance that connects digital businesses throughout the UK and the Future Fifty programme that provides concierge-style supports for high-growth businesses. The organisation's most recent initiative is the Digital Business Academy, which is a free online learning platform that provides information and skills related to starting, running or joining a digital business.

Made in Shoreditch

Shoreditch is known for its alternative culture, from fashion to innovative arts. It is also renowned for innovation and is the home of several creative digital start-ups, as well as independent shops and businesses. A lifestyle e-zine focused on celebrating Shoreditch, Made in Shoreditch Magazine taps into the area's culture of innovation and creativity. The online magazine features stories about arts and culture, fashion and style, technology, fine dining, nightlife, and other topics where creativity and innovation are showcased. In addition to Shoreditch-specific stories, the magazine also covers topics from around the world. Made in Shoreditch was founded by Giedrius Ivanauskas, who is also the director of Shoreditch-based communications agency Ibimidi. In addition to providing insights on Shoreditch's thriving and ever-changing culture, the online resource is an important source of information for upcoming events.

Shoreditch Radio

Shoreditch Radio is a local community internet radio station. It helps recording artists, musicians, presenters and producers by providing a forum to create, discover and promote content. The radio station covers new, unsigned and independent artists, as well as urban and youth culture, arts and crafts, sport, comedy, local businesses and community organisations, and more with online content and live-to-air programming. Shoreditch Radio also works with local businesses to sponsor artists and DJs.